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August 25, 2023

What Is Online Research Recruitment?

To properly develop, produce, and market a product, you need to have research. You can outsource your research to save yourself time and money for project development, but sometimes, your team would feel more comfortable doing it themselves. They may need to look over the information they need themselves, but you may need help with recruitment for your team’s research. With Focus Forward’s online research recruitment, your team can focus on the most important parts of your project.

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How Does Online Research Recruitment Work?

We’re always searching for quality research respondents online to recruit them for our partners’ research projects. This involves putting research questions and study possibilities out there for them to see and opt-in to.

Collecting people to join focus groups and bulletin boards is a skill we’ve mastered over a decade so you don’t have to. Finding the right participants for research studies can be difficult, time-consuming, and exhaustive. That’s why we’ve created technology and internet hotspots that attract and collect research respondents.

How Does Communication Work?

What we do for your online recruitment is create online focus groups with opt-ins and invite more respondents from our databases who match the demographic you’re looking for. For any demographic we don’t already have–a rarity–we can advertise and attract. Once the respondents have been recruited, we can establish them as an online focus group, where your team can communicate as moderators through our collaborative software tool.

Online Chat Rooms

These online focus groups offer real-time chat rooms where you can get real and individualized reactions from people. We created our online focus groups to avoid people giving homogenized answers, which tends to happen in groups. No one needs answers influenced by “group think,” you need answers that are as varied and honest as possible.

Online Bulletin Boards

We also use online bulletin boards where you can potentially engage with respondents over a period of time if your research necessitates tracking long-term growth and responses. You, as the moderator, can set for someone to respond to your questions, quizzes, or tests, as many times as you need. That can be multiple times a day, once a week, once a month, over how long you need.

Bulletin boards are for projects with research that extends past one several-hour interaction. It’s also the preferred method when your target audience is spread out across multiple time zones. It can be difficult to near impossible to have an equal enough number of respondents from across the United States in the same chat room at the same time. With the bulletin board system, you collect information over an extended period of time, giving your respondents enough time to respond.

Contact Focus Forward for Help With Online Recruitment

Knowing your audience is important to the long-term success of any project. If you don’t know who the project is for and whether or not they can support it when it’s finished, your project won’t go the way you want. To talk to a portion of the audience you’re targeting, contact Focus Forward about our online recruitment.

We’ll help you figure out who you need to reach, how we can do it, and then connect you to them.