outsourcing survey research
October 21, 2020

3 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Survey Research

Audience research takes time, and when you’re a marketing, medical, scientific research company, etc., every second counts. You need research on your target audience or patient to produce a product that serves a purpose worth funding. That also takes precious time, but the time that doesn’t go into the production, experimentation, or physical distribution of your product. Time is something we can never get back, so to save it for the parts of your projects that need your attention, you should consider outsourcing your audience research.

Audience research is no walk in the park. This can include recruiting for your sample size, vetting sample subjects, and distributing surveys/tests to those subjects. This is all before the survey/experiment/test has even begun. Whether it’s online, over the phone, or in-person, you need a partner who can step outside of your comfort zone for you.

Outsourcing research to a trustworthy partner can benefit your project in numerous ways. Find out how outsourcing your research to Focus Forward can help your project.

Outsourcing Research Saves Time and Money

Every business needs the time to design, test, and produce their products and money to fund them. When your team is spending time and money researching your product’s target audience, that’s time and money they’re not spending on making a better product. If there’s a hiccup or stop gate in product development, you could have worked around it or solved it sooner. Instead, you were attempting to research your target audience yourselves.

Outsourcing research frees up your team to work, and with the right partner with the right pricing, it’ll cost you less than a dedicated in-house research team. If you optimize your team’s work schedule and budget by outsourcing your product research, you’ll see resources free themselves up for you to use.

Outsourcing Research Lets Your Team Focus

When your team is working on your product, you want their attention focused on it. They can’t do that if they’re busy making sure your audience research is completed correctly. When the team’s attention is split, there are mistakes. These mistakes can hold up the process as the team tries to understand the problem, possibly corrupting much of the work they’re completed.

The same can happen for your audience research. If you’re not careful about overworking your team, your research may be corrupted and incorrect. You may misunderstand your audience, leading you to make a niche product for a massive audience who can’t afford it or a cheap product that nobody needs. There are many other possibilities for what can go wrong when you set your team up to make mistakes.

Outsourcing your audience research allows your team to focus on what they do best. Let a data research partner like Focus Forward handle the audience research for you.

Outsourcing Research Leads to Better Data

Your team, whether it be marketing, medical, or scientific research, are the best in the business at what they do, but is that audience research? If not, then take the extra time and money to focus on that, while Focus Forward does for you what we do best – audience research.

A research partner like Focus Forward has years of experience in audience research. It’s more than likely we have more experience than most in-house research teams. This empowers us to collect your much-needed research data with better results. We can perform faster than other non-research-focused teams, and we know how to break down and distinguish key points of data that our partners need.

Optimize Your Audience Research With Focus Forward

Focus Forward is the perfect partner to help you with your research needs. We offer services in operating and collecting online qualitative surveys, along with recruiting survey subjects that reflect your audience. We are also experienced in ethnographic research that you might need to develop your product. When you’re looking for a partner to outsource your audience research to, there’s no one better than Focus Forward. Contact us for help.