Simultaneous Translation - Woman and man speaking different languages
March 24, 2021

Transcriber Tips for Simultaneous Translation

Technology has enabled market research to happen easily on a global scale – almost anyone with a WIFI connection can participate. With more flexibility in location, researchers are able to gather more diverse respondents than ever before, leading to wider and richer insights. This frequently leads to focus groups and IDIs in multiple languages, requiring simultaneous translation to help the focus group viewers process what they are seeing and hearing.

As the interpreter is translating simultaneously while the speaker is still speaking, proper preparation is key to facilitating the most accurate translation, and eventually transcription. The pros at FFTranscription share their tips to make sure the meaning and message are conveyed correctly.

Headphones Help Everyone:

It’s helpful for the translator to listen to the conversation using headphones– this can reduce background noise in the recording and help the translator to focus on what is being said.

That’s What She Said!

No need to have your translator insert descriptive phrases such as “the respondent says__”, or “the moderator says__”. Our team of experienced transcribers can easily identify these speakers. Your translator can focus on what is being said, rather than who is saying it!

Help Us Help You

Be sure to have your translators speak clearly, slowly, and enunciate. The clearer your translator’s speech, the easier it is for our team to transcribe! 

The Guide for Discussion and Success

For any project, providing the translator and our transcription team with a discussion guide or other study materials can help familiarize both the translator and our transcriber with conversation topics, and also help our transcription team with terminology that may be discussed. Also, providing a list of frequently used terms is always appreciated for spelling purposes! This is especially helpful when requesting transcripts for medical-related topics.

Ultimately, a translator that is familiar with the purpose of the study and understands the objectives is more likely to be able to convey the full context of the respondents’ speech, reactions and body language, while minimizing misunderstandings.

Work With Industry Experts and Focus Forward Your Transcription

If you are in need of expert transcription services with a team that is knowledgeable in your specific industry, you need to contact the pros at FFTranscription. We can handle your market research, medical, legal, business, academic, production, audio, video, and podcast transcription with ease. Contact us today to learn how we can help! Focus Forward offers a comprehensive and consultative approach to research services. From recruitment to transcription, translation and coding, we’re there for you, supporting each phase of your journey to ensure it’s a success.