In-Person Research Benefits of Face To Face
October 11, 2023

The benefits of in-person research

In-person research has some real advantages that are worth considering. Of course, the definition of in-person research is any research that is done on-site where people can see each other. They can talk to each other face to face. And while there’s a place for digital-only research, in-person has some real benefits, including these:


The group dynamics created in a physical setting often spur participants to jump off one another’s points, allowing for more creativity and ideas to stem from the study.

Nonverbal cues

Something that can be missed in online polls, interviews and surveys is the nonverbal cues that participants give when answering or choosing not to answer a question. That can be:

  • the tone of voice
  • body language
  • eye contact

All of these cues may provide more insight into the study than simple written answers or multiple-choice questions.

Shared Experience

Groups get everyone together to focus on the topic for a specific time and have everyone engaged. By having the group together with the moderator, with all their focus on the study at hand and no other distractions, you have a group that is sharing an experience and can be directed as a group. The material can be changed, adjusted, or probed by the moderator. The full richness of the human experience is available when everyone is together on the journey of the research step by step. Some physical products lend themselves to in-person research. Participants can view, touch and experience the product.

Human connection

Whether it’s a medical study, product launch, or topical survey, human connection resonates much more than other forms of communication for many participants. When they feel valued, the quality of insight they provide will be much more beneficial to your research.

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