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April 7, 2021

Top Three Ways To Recruit Gen Z

Gen Z is the newest generation, born between 1997 and 2012-2015, depending on who you ask. While each generation has unique characteristics, market researchers have found that targeting this group for studies has its own distinct challenges. At Focus Forward, we know the right respondents are so important to research. We wanted to share 3 ways to recruit Gen Z.

#1. Know What Social Media Platforms Your Ideal Gen Z Recruits Are On

Did you know over 90% of Gen Z adults use at least one social media platform, and nearly 50% report using them constantly? While this may lead to the belief that recruiting on any social media platform will help you reach Gen Z, in reality it’s important to know specifically what platforms they are using, and at what frequency.

According to HubSpot, Gen Z is most likely to use the following platforms for brand discovery and new products:

  • 45% use Instagram
  • 40% use Facebook
  • Gen Z is twice as likely to turn to YouTube than Millennials.

When it comes to shopping recommendations, Gen Z is most likely to use the following:

  1. YouTube
  2. Instagram
  3. Facebook

And where is Gen Z sharing their experiences? Snapchat.

#2. Narrow In The Interests Of Gen Z

Not only are they passionate, but they are knowledgeable. From the online tools they have at their disposal, to their ability to talk with people 24/7, Gen Z have become communication experts in ways that the generations before them could never have imagined. Yet, they still rely on friends and family to provide them with trusted feedback on products, politics, and more.

#3. Keep Your Focus–Attention Spans Are Shortening

Attention spans are shortening. Recruiters and research teams need to hold the attention of Gen Z, which can be challenging. Partially screening online for the demographic criteria and using the phone recruiter in a more limited capacity to determine fit helps keep a Gen Z respondent engaged. Balancing articulation needs of the project with methods that are right for Gen Z may maximize the opportunity to recruit great people for research. 

Recruit Gen Z With the Help of Team Focus Forward!

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We recruit respondents for all types of qualitative marketing research. Our strength is nationwide bulletin boards, TDIs, product tests, online focus groups, ethnographies, and all types of projects where a nationwide reach is critical to the right demographic balance–including Gen Z–for your research. We are also here for your in-person focus groups at any location and support focus group facilities with extra recruitment resources. Ready to Focus Forward? Connect with us today!