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February 24, 2021

Three Ways Social Media
Supports Qualitative Recruiting

As researchers, finding new people who come to marketing research for the first time offer perspectives that are helpful to brands, and we want to keep introducing new people to widen our insights.  Recruitment firms, like Focus Forward, keep strict databases to make sure that respondent participation is managed. At the same time, we need to throw a wider net, which means extending beyond our databases into where people are, which means social media.

1. Wider reach

Through tools such as Linked In, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more, we can offer people the opportunity to be in research for the first time.  Online pre-screeners ease the burden by asking the questions first, so we get to what is likely qualified respondents. Then the phone recruiter can step in to rescreen & ask the more in-depth questions. These new to research respondents are then added to the database as active or inactive, and participation is managed as we organically grow to support more projects.

2. Social Media Can Target

Not only can immediate connections be made via social media, but reaching people in the right geo targeted area is possible, in your local market or around the world. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow targeting by age, zip codes, interests, careers, and more, making projects happen faster and with new respondents. With boosted posts on Facebook or promoted content on LinkedIn, recruiters can narrow in, or widen reach easily to get projects done that either might not have been possible or cost prohibitive otherwise.

3. The Validation Of Friends

As researchers, building trust to getting respondents to open up and share is critical. The step before that one though, is building trust that MR is real, safe, and our promises mean something. When a friend passes our post to their friend, this is a shortcut to individually building the trust of the people. We are all excited about research, and nothing is better than our happy respondents sharing that their friends should want to be part of the great experience, too.

Qualitative Recruitment by a Quality Team: Focus Forward

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