Helping Researchers Adapt With Industry Leading Transcription
March 22, 2022

Helping Researchers Adapt With Industry Leading Transcription

As the global pandemic has changed how people are doing business, market researchers have been continually adapting in 2022. A remote workforce has limited viable research methods, budgets have gotten smaller with the same expected results, and everyone is working within potentially unfamiliar technology. So, how do you make this work FOR you while you are working to help the brand and the research team gain insights?

1. Leverage Audio Technology

Finding services that makes your research easier, and get to the insights and knowledge quicker, can be game changers! Moving to the forefront of this list to help market researchers do even more with their time are Word Transcripts and Video Linked Transcripts. A moderator concentrating on note taking cannot give their full attention to the focus group. Likewise, re-listening to the entire audio session is not an efficient use of the researcher’s time.

Having a verbatim account of the focus group typed for you allows for total engagement in the focus group, while being able to pull exact quotes, identify speakers and easily review nuances of  conversations that may have been missed when there was cross talk will increase efficiency tenfold!

2. Video Linked Transcripts

Video Linked Transcripts, like FFTranscription’s Enhanced Transcription, allow you to share the actual group with colleagues who were not able to be present when the project happened. More than just a transcript in Word, you can effortlessly clip quotes and let the voice of the respondent or customer speak for themselves in the reports.

With video and transcript viewed together, read along with the text while observing body language and facial expressions. All of these elements facilitate sharing at the highest level across the team.

3. Make Transcripts Robust

There are so many options that can add layers of information to your transcripts, thereby leading to richer insights:

Verbatim – as an add-on can aid in the interpretation of the nuances and pauses, the Ums and Ahs, and provide needed context.

Timestamps – useful to editors and researchers when summarizing an interview or discussion from an audio file, and helpful in synchronizing a particular video clip with text.

Video Linked Transcripts – Lastly, transcripts, especially video linked, allow the researcher to discover patterns and themes. With key word suggestions, a researcher can use these transcripts to review responses, and properly designate them to create codes, so the qualitative questions can be presented to the company in a quantitative manner.

Since 2003, FFTranscription has been handing the transcription needs for marketing researchers. Focus group transcriptions can be difficult, but we can handle it in style. If you need focus group transcription services, why don’t you give us a call at (215) 367-4040? We’re ready to handle all the details so you can focus forward!