Your Online Group – Respondent Focused
October 7, 2021

Your Online Group – Respondent Focused

Respondents for online and in-person research are critically important to the success of the overall project. While our clients and the brands engaging us to help them find insights are obviously of great importance to us, finding the right people to share views and valuing them as members of our team is equally significant. As qualitative recruiters today, more than ever, we understand that everyone needs to feel informed, connected and valued.

Right For The Research

The more informed the recruiters are about the goals of the project and the end client, the better we can all determine a fit for a particular project. Respondents, who are ideal for one client, may not be the best fit for a different client. Determining the appropriate fit is a function of the screener, whether the standard methods of nationwide mix apply, and also evaluating the level of engagement and opinion sharing that are likely to happen once the project starts.

What Respondents Do In the Research

Participation for a research project comes in all shapes and sizes. From in-person research at a focus group facility, to online groups, to product tests, to phone interviews and more, gauging whether the type of participation required is suitable for a particular respondent is also a key factor in determining fit for a client. As recruiters, we have to evaluate if the respondent is comfortable with the technology, direction, and the amount and frequency of participation. A respondent who might be great in a phone interview might not be right for a product test or a community, so talking through expectations is so important when deciding who will be part of the project.

The Role Incentives Play

Research incentives play a role in the success of a project. We all want to feel valued. Setting the right level of incentive for the project is a key function of how well the project may go when it is happening in field. We also want to make sure that the time commitment and requests of the respondent match what we talked about in the recruitment process as the project happens. While changes may happen in field, if a client wants more participation, different dates or times, or anything that might be impactful, letting the recruiter know so we can reset the expectation is always helpful to keep everyone feeling informed and appreciated.

Our Team Helps Clients Achieve Success

Since 2003, Focus Forward has been your team for respondent recruitment and all services to support your marketing research efforts. Recruiting participants, handling transcripts, incentive processing, online panels, survey programming, open end coding – we do it all! How can we help? If you have a project where you feel like our team can add value, we would be excited to talk!