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June 18, 2020

What is Online Qualitative Recruitment?

Regardless of the industry you’re in, you need market research if you intend on growing your business. The success of any business depends on how it appeals to its audience, and market research allows you to find out what they think and want. To get the most out of market research, you need to ensure that you’re recruiting the right people to partake in it. The internet has also helped change the way market research works, including online qualitative recruitment.

Are you wondering what online qualitative recruitment entails? Let Focus Forward explain more.

Qualitative Market Research

When it comes to market research, there are two types – qualitative and quantitative. Each type of market research provides different data. While quantitative market research focuses on numerical data, qualitative market research looks at data that explains why audiences do and feel certain things.

Qualitative data is obtained through several types of research, such as focus groups and interviews. Both are important to help market researchers learn more about an audience, but qualitative research allows them to get information that can help explain why people make the choices they do. This gives market researchers and businesses vital insight to base their decisions on.

Types of Qualitative Market Research

There are a few different methods for obtaining qualitative data that market researchers rely on. Here are a few that Focus Forward can assist with.

Focus Groups

A focus group involves a group of people participating in conversations to help market researchers learn more about them. A host provides specific topics for the group to discuss and this occurs in real-time. Focus groups can be conducted in person or remotely.

Bulletin Boards

A bulletin board is similar to an online discussion forum. Unlike focus groups where participants can verbally communicate with one another, a bulletin board allows them to type and post their responses and interact. Bulletin boards also allow participants to log in at a time that works best for them.

In-Home Usage Tests

An in-home usage test, or IHUT, provides participants with a product that they can use in their own homes. Then, market researchers collect feedback from participants regarding their experiences. This gives businesses more information on how people actually feel about using their products.

Online Qualitative Recruitment

Before market researchers can conduct qualitative research, they need to focus on recruitment. The internet gives market researchers even more opportunities to recruit participants. There are fewer constraints with online recruitment, and with so many people to reach online, there’s a great chance that market researchers can find just the right participants.

However, online recruitment does present some challenges that market researchers need to understand how to overcome. Not only does a market research company need to know how to find the right people, but they also need to know how to keep them engaged and involved throughout the process.

At Focus Forward, we have an extensive database and know how to use social media and networking to target the ideal audience for businesses in many industries.

Get Help with Online Qualitative Recruitment

At Focus Forward, we have years of experience helping businesses recruit the right people for their market research projects. Our team has the tools and resources that can help ensure online qualitative recruitment runs smoothly so that your market research project is as effective as possible.

If you have questions about online qualitative recruitment or are ready to start working with Focus Forward, be sure to contact us today.