girl participating in an ihut
September 23, 2020

What are In-Home Use Tests?

Various forms of market research give businesses a better idea of how consumers feel about their products. While many methods give researchers the vital information they need to base decisions on, one that is especially important is an in-home use test, also referred to as an IHUT.

An in-home use test is exactly as it sounds – consumers have the opportunity to use a product in their natural environment to determine how they like it. At Focus Forward, we have years of experience helping companies complete in-home use tests to learn more about their markets. We’re here to help you understand everything you need to know about IHUTs.

How Do In-Home Use Tests Work?

When a company needs to perform an IHUT, they send participants their products for them to use on their own for a certain amount of time. While IHUTs are commonly done in a person’s home, as the name states, they aren’t excluded to only this environment. Consumers can complete in-home use tests in various environments, such as their office, depending on what the product is. This is often done before a product launch. After the consumer has used the product for the determined length of time, they then complete interviews or surveys about their experience.

What are the Benefits of IHUTs?

All market research methods provide value, but IHUTs, in particular, give researchers critical information regarding the product. Participants in an in-home use test get to use the product the same as they would if they had bought it themselves. Doing this in their natural environments means that participants are in a space where they feel the most comfortable and can act like themselves. This is unlike other product tests that are performed at locations that participants aren’t familiar with. Participants can use these products naturally and can provide realistic reviews of what using the product is like in real life. This gives researchers a better understanding of how consumers interact with their products than other market research methods alone.

How Do Participants Stay Engaged in an In-Home Use Test?

During an in-home use test, like any market research method, it can sometimes be challenging for participants to stay engaged. IHUTS can sometimes be easier to keep participants engaged as they can often do this on their own schedule. However, if participant engagement is poor, companies won’t receive the feedback that they need. Participants deserve to be compensated for their time and incentivized to give researchers detailed feedback. Focus Forward understands that this can be difficult in many tests and has the solutions that companies need to keep participants engaged throughout this process.

Let Professionals Handle Your In-Home Use Test

IHUTs can be extremely valuable when done correctly, which is why you need a team that knows how to make them successful. Focus Forward has the experience companies need when performing product tests like IHUTS. We know how important it is for your project to be handled carefully, and our team will give you the support you need.

Contact us today to learn more about in-home use tests or any of our other market research services.