Transcription Services for Focus Groups
November 8, 2019

Transcription Services for Focus Groups

Focus group transcription saves time, cost, and also provides exact quotes from the respondents. With the conversation moving fast in a large group, it can be challenging for a moderator to engage while also trying to keep records of the views that would be helpful to the brand. To make sure you get the most out of your focus groups, transcripts are a vital part of the research process.

FFTranscription is offered at the leading focus group facilities in the US. So, at many focus group locations, you can easily add this service! Wherever your research is held, there are three great reasons to make sure that you have an accurate written account to be as helpful as possible to the brands who are looking to dive deep into the thoughts and opinions of their market.

Reason 1 – Keeping Your Facts Straight

A focus group with eight to twelve people, all with different backgrounds and opinions, can be a lot of conversation at once! With so many people coming together to discuss a single topic or idea, notes can be hard to take accurately in the moment. What if you missed an essential piece of information? How will you be able to find what you need in hours of audio?

That’s where transcription can be essential. With an accurate, word-for-word account of what was said, researchers will have a better understanding of how the participants felt about the product or service and can easily find those views for the report.

Reason 2 – Engagement beats writing

The attention of the moderator is essential for respondents to feel heard. Note-taking in the room can be distracting and a note-taker in the back room might not capture the moment that the moderator felt was important. With notes, you might not remember when or by whom the comment was said in the group. Researcher time would be spent listening to an entire audio session, and that is costly to a project. It would be better to have an exact account of the research in front of you and be able to pull exact quotes and know who said them too!

Reason 3 – It’s all in the details & the sound

When it comes to focus groups, every detail is essential, and capturing the conversation is meaningful to make sure the right insights are gained. Focus group transcription can provide that level of detail that could be lost in an audio recording, like a conversation where there is cross-talk. It may be hard to listen to people talking over each other. Transcription firms like ours use technology to separate the cross talk so that the words can be heard by each individual. A lively discussion could have lots of important elements, but if you can’t hear them on the audio, they are lost.

How FFTranscription Can Help You With Your Focus Group Transcription

Focus group transcription needs the experience of a professional to differentiate each speaker correctly, understand the proper terminology, and know how to handle bad audio.

Since 2003, FFTranscription has been handing the transcription needs for marketing researchers. Focus group transcriptions can be difficult, but we can handle it in style. If you need focus group transcription services, why don’t you give us a call at (215) 367-4040? We’re ready to handle all the details so you can focus forward!