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November 17, 2021

Top 3 Tips to Ensure the Best Transcripts

We at Focus Foward understand how advantageous high-quality transcripts can be for a research study, legal proceeding, or even personal notes taken from audio. The ability to access a video or audio file in a written document can help with retention of content, speaker tracking, and viewing and analyzing the dialogue as a whole.

Over our many years in the business, we’ve honed in on the best tips and tricks to ensure the best resulting transcripts; we hope you will find them beneficial during your next projector study.

Reducing Background Noise

Whether at home or in an office, there can be background noise that, when overlooked, can detract from the clarity of the audio file. Irrelevant dialogue between people close by can muddle the intended content, and any intermittent electronic noises or traffic sounds can distort the intended message.

The best tip for reducing background noise is to find an isolated spot without the risk of interruptions, and, in the event of a group of people speaking, encourage participants to sit in a still position and to muffle any coughs or sneezes with the inside of their elbow.

Intentional Positioning of the Recording Device

Depending on the number and positioning of the speakers, proximity of the recording device to the audio source can make or break the resulting transcript. Keeping the microphone equidistant from all contributors allows for each person’s dialogue to be heard clearly.

When the recording is remote, designating several minutes prior to the interview to test the microphone strength of each participant can allow for a more accurate transcript, also allowing for the moderator to better understand the answers and formulate appropriate questions during the interview.

Speak as Clearly as Possible

While fully enunciating words is important for the respondent/respondents to keep in mind, it is equally, if not more important, to maintain an even pace of speaking. Nervous participants may speak at a lower volume, or a faster pace than others, but by encouraging them to speak clearly and take their time with their contributions before the interview can make a large difference and allow the content to be easily discernable.

Encouraging multiple speakers to allow others to complete their thoughts before beginning to speak themselves is the best way to not have overlapping dialogue that impedes understanding of the content and makes transcription after the recording challenging.

Get Easy and Affordable Transcripts Today

Recording a clear audio file is easier when you know how to prepare for it. Well-made audio files help us provide the most accurate transcripts for your project in a quicker turnaround and at a lower cost.

To get the best transcripts, let Focus Forward help. Contact us today to learn more about our reliable transcription services.