woman working from home
October 13, 2021

Tips to De-Stress While Working from Home

With the unpredictability of this past year, many of our homes have now become our workplaces; a realization that, for a lot of us, was challenging to adapt at first. As the conclusion of 2021 is approaching, our Focus Forward Team has brainstormed some of our best tips for handling stress and anxiety that may come creeping in during the upcoming months while working from home. We hope you will enjoy reading some of our best tips, and maybe try a few out yourself!

My way of relieving stress is to stand up and walk around my office space or to listen to a podcast while I’m working. –Shena Naver, HR Manager

My favorite way to relieve stress is by doing yoga and meditation. It’s a great way to pause and reset, and you can do as short or as long of a practice as you need! –Samantha Clark, Client Services Manager

In stressful times, it helps to go in the backyard with my dog or sit outside on the porch while eating lunch. Being outdoors in the sun helps restart my brain to have a more productive day. –Rachael Lynn, Qualitative Director

When I get stressed, or need to re-group and re-focus, I enjoy picking ripened green beans, tomatoes, squash, etc. from my raised garden on my deck! I enjoy each time I walk outside and see something new sprouting or ready to be picked! –Lauren Finley, Project Manager

It is important to set a cut-off time to close the laptop. Work and home life can get blurred together if you are working all hours of the day and night. Make sure when you are shutting it down on a workday. You must truly turn it off and make the most of your personal time. The balance is important. –Matthew Devine, Manager of Transcription Services

I try to take a lunch break a few times a week and go for a short walk or get 15 minutes in on the bike. It is important to move and break up the day, especially if you are working from home. Stock up on healthy snacks so when you are stress-eating throughout the day, you won’t regret it later. –Meredith Falvo, Vice President of Business Development