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February 9, 2022

Tips for Recruiting Market Research Study Participants

Businesses of all sizes depend on market research to provide data that allows them to make informed decisions. However, market research is only beneficial when the right participants are involved, making recruitment a critically important component of any market research project. Fortunately, there are many amazing, qualified market research study participants out there for those who know how to recruit them effectively.

One of our top strengths at Focus Forward is qualitative recruitment, and over the years, we’ve learned a lot about getting the best market research study participants. Here are some of the top tips we have for recruiting.

Understand Who the Target Audience Is

Of course, one of the first steps in recruiting participants is to understand the target audience. This will vary from project to project, so it’s important to know how each audience is unique to each study. Without knowing the target audience, the study won’t be able to get very far. Who participates in the study will affect the answers that researchers receive. What demographics and groups are best suited to participate in this specific study? Market researchers need to know how to find their target audience and how to appeal to them. A study that uses unqualified participants will end up with responses that won’t effectively guide a business to making better choices.

Segment Participants

Within a target audience, there are many different ways to break the larger group down into smaller groups that share similar characteristics. This is known as segmentation and is essential in market research studies. There are various ways to segment participants, and the best method depends on the needs of the study. Segmentation can be based on different characteristics such as age, location, and interests. When market researchers conduct different methods of study, such as focus groups, having segmented groups is extremely important.

Screen Potential Participants

How do market researchers ensure that their participants fit the mold? This can be done with a thorough screening process. During this time, potential participants need to provide relevant information about themselves so that researchers can decide if they’re right for the study. Researchers may initially think they have the right participants, but as they uncover more information, they may realize a potential participant’s insights won’t align with the goals of the study. Screening helps narrow down the number of participants involved with a study to help ensure researchers that they have the right group.

Have Focus Forward Handle Your Qualitative Recruitment Needs

If conducting qualitative recruitment for a market research study seems too overwhelming, look no further than Focus Forward. We know what it takes to get the best participants involved with your market research study and how to keep them engaged as the study continues. Our team knows that a successful project depends on how qualified the participants are, and we work to ensure we recruit only the best.

If you need help getting the right participants for a market research study, contact Focus Forward today to get started!