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June 13, 2022

Three Rules of Engagement for Happy Respondents

When conducting market research, the goal is to obtain valuable data and insights. To achieve this, engaged respondents are crucial. Every step of the way, keeping these respondents engaged and happy will make for a better experience for all. Here are four rules to keep in mind.

#1 Screen Without Over-Screening   

Taking the length of your screener into consideration is crucial when designing your screener. Potential respondents can become frustrated if the screening process takes a long time to complete. Eliminating some questions from the screener, that could be asked during the time of the research, may allow for additional insights with more detail.

#2 Set & Meet Expectations

When conducting research, everyone’s time is valuable. Homework or daily assignments for online research, such as online communities or bulletin boards, would work best if kept to a 30-minute timeframe for each activity or post. This ensures participants stay engaged and are also able to take care of their day-to-day tasks without feeling their schedules are disrupted.

#3 Incentive Processing

After respondents have completed sharing views, processing the incentive is a timely manner is an important last step in the process of research. Handled in a way that feels fair or fast to the respondent will likely have that last step be a positive one in the successful completion of your project. If the respondent knows the brand, this also helps protect the feeling the respond has toward the brand. Great incentive processing is just one more way to show respondents that their time is actually valued. Focus Forward handles incentive fulfilment every step of the way. Let us handle these details.

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