3 Questions | Right Recruiter
May 2, 2022

Three Questions & You Will Hire the Right Qual Recruiter

At Focus Forward, we know what clients are looking for when they need assistance with qualitative recruitment. Here are three questions to ask that can help businesses select the right firm to recruit for a market research project.

#1 What does your firm do best?

Recruiters specialize! Some recruiters are more consumer based, some B2B, and others medical – recruiters may do it all but might have more to offer in their known strengths. Ask a recruiter – what do you feel your firm does best? Matching strength with the project could be vital to the highest success.

#2 How do you communicate?

Make sure the firm communicates in the most helpful way to your firm. Are daily updates key? Or does your team prefer less frequent progress reports? Maybe your team prefers the final recruitment only, unless adjustments need to be made in the recruitment process. If your firm and the recruiter clarify what is best for your team – the results are likely to be more helpful.

At Focus Forward, our team provides the best communication with our clients. Daily updates provided by 4 PM ET are standard, and we adjust to less frequently for clients who prefer fewer contacts.

#3 Has your firm recruited a similar project?

Applying past experience to current projects help clients start from the strongest initial position. Even if the project is very novel and requires a new approach, your recruitment team may be able to build off of something that worked for them in the past. For projects that are standard, there should be a clear-cut process that stops unexpected consequences. Firms with a long history of experience bring that to your project! At Focus Forward, we have recruited for nationwide online research and other various projects not held in a focus group facility for 19 years, and we bring that wealth of experience to your project today.

Start Recruiting with Focus Forward Today

Your questions answered! At Focus Forward, we make finding the right firm to recruit for your project easy. With our online and in-person recruitment services, any firm can get the help they need finding the right participants for their next market research project.

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