The Future of Transcription
October 25, 2021

The Future of Transcription

Transcription services are more important than ever as time is stretched in 2020. Online corporate meetings, online education, Web-Based Platform Interviews medical appointments, and legal meetings are happening in the virtual space and are often transcribed.  All industries are finding that it is much faster to read the content as there are not enough hours in the day to be present at every meeting as it happens. We need more from our teams, and reading is faster than watching or listening.

Accuracy is very important, and the only way to achieve real accuracy when a group is speaking is human transcription. So at FFTranscription, we know that what makes our transcription services stand out in the academic world, market research industry, legal industry, and the medical market is that we use our best asset – our people, our transcribers, and our QA team.

Groups = Humans

Currently, the demand for transcription services is soaring. AI transcription may work for individual speakers, and when total accuracy is not needed. There are cost savings, and the transcript is faster. This savings in cost and time comes at the price of accuracy. Lower accuracy may be acceptable on internal transcripts, and less acceptable if the content is going to be used on your web site, as inaccurate content may affect your Google ranking.

As more meetings and classes are on Web-Based Platform Interviews, accurate transcripts of groups come with many challenges.

From background noise, muffled tones, and poor recording conditions, these audio files can be difficult to transcribe. Professional transcriptionists can understand when one speaker interrupts another, when the wind makes audio sound static, and when non-Western accents make it necessary to rely on context clues to fill in missing gaps.

Whether you are a researcher, medical provider, or legal expert, when you send these audio files for transcription, your goal is to make sure that you do not need to proofread and correct your own transcripts.

The Transcription Certification Institute explains that while AI technology is improving, it’s still not where it needs to be to completely transform the market. Instead, it’s calling for jobs in medical transcription, legal transcription, and general transcription to still be not only needed but wanted, as industries realize that human transcription still rules supreme in the market.

The Future of Transcription is with FFTranscription

At FFTranscription, our team of human transcription professionals will provide you with accurate, secure, and professional transcripts for every industry. Whether it’s for the medical sectoracademics, or legal transcription, we can handle all of your transcription needs. Since 2003, we have successfully transcribed over 33 million minutes for our happy clients, and we’re ready to help you.

Contact FFTranscription today for your transcription needs, and let us worry about the details so you can Focus Forward!