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June 9, 2021

Technology & Qualitative Recruitment

Research, and methods to secure the best respondents to participate in that research, is constantly changing. What were door to door interviews is now recruitment by socials. Because of technology—recruitment costs are lower, reach is wider, and options are greater.  

Technology can create efficiency.

Social distancing required and fast uptick in the use of hybrid models of interaction to recruit and conduct research is becoming the norm. With technology, the market researcher has been able to continue and thrive through these changed times. Pre-recruitment through an online survey is more acceptable with the articulation questions and follow up handled by a phone recruiter. This reduces cost and increases speed. With the wider reach for nationwide recruitment, your project may also see respondents who are better matched with the idea specs.

Technology and possible respondents

From Facebook groups based on niche interests to Twitter threads of social commentary, and Instagram posts promoting products while offering honest feedback–it’s a treasure trove of knowledge! These platforms help recruiters attack and recruit great people for your qualitative project.

With specific targeting options for social media ads and open lines of communication, social media is a great way to leverage technology for qualitative studies. Even better, couple the benefits of socials with traditional methods to get the best of both worlds.

Technology changes and keeps some things the same.

Research that has been conducted via focus group, TDI, or ethnography can contain more hours of footage than a researcher has time to review and process results. Going through research to develop the insights is a challenge, due to the additional hours of feedback a respondent has provided, as part of the research. To speed this process, just like in-person groups, online research can be transcribed, time stamped, linked to your videos and searchable for key words or concepts using Enhanced Transcripts from Focus Forward or on any video platform.  Enhanced transcription saves time and energy, so the opinions and insights of your study are easy to access and more broadly available to be reviewed.

What’s next in qualitative recruitment? The options are endless!

As technology continues to evolve, so will our ability to improve the quality of respondents for all market research needs. From efficient screening, collaboration, and communication, it’s only up from here!

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