Team FFT’s Favorite Do and Don’t Tips To Boost Your Transcripts!
September 29, 2021

Team FFT’s Favorite Do and Don’t Tips To Boost Your Transcripts!

What a year! Changes are everywhere and figuring out the best ways to make change work for you takes time and can be a challenge. We transcribe a lot at FFTranscription! Some of our transcripts remain from in-person research. Still, most are online or via phone at this time. With research happening in new ways, we have found a few helpful tips to make sure that you have the best quality recordings for your marketing research interviews, meetings, television shows, or whatever you normally need transcribed.

  • DO: Instruct respondents to minimize talking over each other and inform everyone that the conversation is being recorded and transcribed.
  • DO: Try to minimize background noise. Direct recording is usually the best quality.
  • DO: For online groups or interviews, have everyone, respondents and moderators, wear headphones, if possible.
  • DO: If an external recording device is necessary because a phone is being used, use an audio cord to plug the Headphone output into the Mic input of the external recorder.
  • DO: Be sure respondents mute themselves when they are not the ones speaking, to help eliminate background noise, barking dogs, etc.
  • DON’T: Use an external recording device for computer audio. In every case, on-computer software will capture significantly better audio and make sure we capture every word easily.
  • DON’T:  Eat while having the discussion.
  • DON’T: Put the recording device near a fan, vent or AC unit.
  • TRY NOT TO:  Politely say “mm-hmm” or “ok” to show that you’re listening. The recorder will pick up these statements over the respondent’s answer, causing the response to be inaudible. We know it’s nice to do! Everyone feels encouraged, but it sometimes interferes with hearing the speaker.
  • DON’T: Place a recording device next to a keyboard that you’re using to take notes. The clicking of the keys will drown out the speech. Yes, it happens. Those keys are louder than you would think!

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