Protect Your Marketing Research When Transcribing
November 20, 2019

Protect Your Marketing Research When Transcribing

Security is so important when conducting marketing research. Teams are background checked, groups are locked away in secure focus group facilities and NDAs are signed by all.

What happens when the audio is sent to be transcribed?

Your whole research is now one audio file and delivered to a transcription firm. At this point, how that audio is protected is of critical importance. Individuals outside your secure research firm have the results of an enormous amount of time and energy. Protecting that investment is key.

Risks & Remedies

Risk 1: Your transcription firm asks ONE transcriber to type the whole two-hour group

Always ask your transcription firm if they split audio into 15- or 20-minute segments or if they give one transcriber the whole file. Files that are split are more secure. The transcriber may upload to YouTube or another online platform that aids in transcription by auto transcribing. This is not a good approach to use, but it is really an issue if your whole focus group is now online. Protect yourself by limiting the number of people who have your whole research file.

Risk 2: Off the shelf programs

While Dropbox and similar programs can be handy for the transfer of files, your research should not live there. Proprietary platforms limit the access of people unexpectedly being able to see your research or listen to your audio. Your strongest partners have programs where the audio always remains in their control.

Risk 3: Audio access outside a proprietary secure program

Your most secure transcription partners will have the transcriber limited in what they can download directly to their computer. Audio should have the ability to be typed within the platform of your transcription partner. Losing control of the audio or allowing a transcriber to download it potentially puts the research at risk. Some transcribers work to take shortcuts with audio programs and load the audio onto an internet-based program that auto transcribes the file. If the audio is limited on the download capability, then the risk is mitigated, and maximum security is attained.

While someone out there will be hearing your research to type it, it’s harder to get context when you are only seeing a small part. A decade ago, this security was not possible when tapes were shipped, but today it is critical.

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