June 17, 2022

Promotions in Focus Forward’s Qualitative Division

Focus Forward is pleased to announce promotions in the Qualitative Division: Kathrina Ramroop to Qualitative Director, APMs and Programming and Rachael Lynn, Qualitative Director, is adding oversight of the Project Management teams to her role.

“It is an exciting time at Focus Forward as we reconfigure the business in our continued commitment to unparalleled client solutions for nationwide recruitment to virtual and in-person qualitative research, transcription, and research services. Rachael & Kat’s proven experienced leadership is pivotal to deliver substantial added value to our clients, transform our team, and drive lasting internal strategy that ultimately results in client success.” said Kim Harrison, CEO of Focus Forward.

Focus Forward is a nationwide recruiting firm, specializing in qualitative recruitment, incentive fulfilment, interview scheduling, quantitative panel, and transcription services. For inquiries, please contact rfp@focusfwd.com or 215.367.4000.