Most Used Words of 2020
December 16, 2020

Most Used Words of 2020

2020 may not be over yet, but many of us are already looking toward the new year for a fresh start, a new beginning, and a robust return! But before we can leap into 2021, we need to pay our dues to the most used words of 2020–and you guessed it, COVID-19 left its mark.

Top 10 Most Used Words and Phrases of 2020

According to Global Language Monitor, a data-research company that tracks trends in the use of the English language worldwide, the top words of 2020 have taken a strong influence from the novel coronavirus.

As of the company’s mid-year update, the most common words of 2020 are as follow:

#1- 4. Covid, Covid-19, Coronavirus, Corona: All words to describe the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

#5. Face mask: A facial covering that limits the spread of respiratory secretions which may lead to the spread of COVID-19.

#6. Progress: The belief that society moves forward.

#7. Truth: An objective, discernible reality to be discovered.

#8. Social Distancing: The distance of six feet between people to stop the spread of viruses, especially coronavirus.

#9. Trade War: The current economic struggle between China and the United States has had repercussions felt worldwide.

#10. Sustainability: Creating an environment that fulfills certain needs without causing long-lasting damage.

Other Contenders on the 2020 Top Words and Phrases

A global health crisis and politics dominated the top words of 2020, but there were other phrases that made the honorable mentions we didn’t want you to miss–but we suspect you won’t soon forget!

#29. Work From Home: A direct result of country-wide social distancing guidelines where employees who could complete their daily tasks from home were encouraged to do so.

#35. Wuhan: Largest City in Central China and the starting place of coronavirus outbreaks.

#38. New Normal: The idea of the new reality we live in as a result of the global pandemic.

#45. Essential Workers: Those who completed the most essential tasks for daily life during the COVID-19 pandemic, specifically those in healthcare, food production and distribution, and the service sector.

#49. Super Spreader: The person or event which sparks a COVID-19 outbreak where 20% of the infected could be responsible for 80% of the transmission of the virus.

Global Implications on 2020 Word Choice

Though we may think that the above lists are very 2020 America specific, the reality is that many of these phrases may have started here, but have grown in popularity in other nations.

Not only have our phrases made it to friends across the pond, but other nations have altered the way they handle and discuss all that is 2020.

When we take a look at the Collins Dictionary top words of 2020, while the implications of COVID-19 are apparent, phrases and slang are also prominent, shaping the way this new decade may be remembered in the future. Take a look at some of the United Kingdoms’ top words for 2020!

  • Megxit: The withdrawal of the Duke (Harry) and Duchess (Meghan) of Sussex from royal duties, announced in January 2020.
  • mukbang: Video where the host eats a large quantity of food for entertainment.
  • TikToker: A person who regularly posts on TikTok–often professionally.

2020’s Most Used Words–FFTranscription

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