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November 10, 2021

How Transcripts Can Help Your Website

Anyone who produces video and audio content online should understand the value that transcripts can provide for their website. Creating video/audio posts takes work, but through pairing it with transcripts, it can maximize viewership and enhance the content itself. Transcripts are essential for any website with audio and video to gain viewers, and Focus Forward makes getting them as easy as possible.

How can transcripts help a website rank better and appeal to users? Focus Forward can explain the benefits of providing transcripts on a website.

More Opportunities to Rank for Keywords

Including keywords in online content is essential for getting a website to rank for the right search terms. However, video and audio alone don’t provide opportunities to rank for keywords, which is why transcripts are so helpful. Keywords may be featured in the audio or video file but won’t rank for any searches. If they are ranking, a greater number of people will have the ability to benefit from them. Professional transcripts are quick and easy to create, so everyone should be sure to include them to improve their chances of ranking for certain keywords.

It Provides More Content

Content creation takes time but is necessary for a website to bring in traffic. Fortunately, repurposing existing content can be impactful, while requiring much less work than starting something over from scratch. If videos, podcasts, and other types of recordings have also been created, much of the work is already done. Creating transcripts that go along with this content only provides a website with more value and is fast and easy to do when utilizing professional transcription services.

Users Get More Out of It

Ultimately, the success of any business’s website depends on user experience. If users visit a website, benefit from it, and have a positive experience, your business may have an easier time competing with similar businesses. Makingtheuser’s experience a priority is a great way to boost viewers and allow those who access your content to gain more.

While there are many ways of improving user experience, a great way of doing this is by providing transcripts. This is especially important for users with hearing impairments who may struggle with audio and video content. Even users without hearing impairments may prefer transcripts over videos, so it’s always best to make this available.

Search Engines Can Understand Audio and Video Files

To rank a website for the right keywords, search engines first need to understand what a webpage is about. If the only content on the page is audio or video, search engines won’t be able to understand what it means. While there may be an audience that can benefit from this content, they won’t be able to access it if search engines can’t properly assess what it’s about.

However, search engines can understand the text in transcripts. This means that by providing transcripts, this content still has the opportunity to rank for users’ searches.

Get High-Quality Transcripts for Any Industry

No one understands the importance of transcripts more than the team at Focus Forward. We have years of experience helping various types of businesses get reliable and accurate transcripts quickly. Focus Forward offers great service and value to our clients so that their businesses can thrive.

Contact us today to learn more about the benefits transcripts have to offer, and how we can help.