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October 6, 2021

How to Make Videos Searchable and Accessible

Videos allow people to learn wherever and whenever they want. An important factor to consider when producing a video, aside from the actual content, is searchability and accessibility. Finding the video is critical, and then the listener being able to really use the video to be helpful to them. FFTranscription supports making videos searchable and accessible with the use of transcripts and captions.

Making Videos More Searchable

Search engines need to crawl a web page to understand what the content is about and whether it is relevant to the search. Words on the page, rather than video, give search engines crawlable information that helps them know what the content is about. A transcript of the video will make the process easier for the target audience to gain access to the video. Without words, the search engine is not readily able to discern that the content should be part of your search.

Use the Right Services to Make Videos Searchable and Accessible

Learning through videos is a vital asset available to us today, but it risks some people being left out when video creators aren’t careful. When you create videos, you need to ensure you’re doing your part to make them inclusive and easy to find for those who need them. At FFTranscription, we can help make sure that your videos can benefit more people by providing accurate transcripts and captions.

The Importance of Searchability and Accessibility

Creating videos gives the audience more opportunities to learn effectively, but not everyone benefits from videos in the same way. Various disabilities, such as hearing impairments and learning difficulties, can make it difficult to understand a video. Fortunately, there are solutions to ensure more people can learn from the videos you put out. Transcripts and captions both help to make videos accessible for people who might otherwise struggle with this format. These allow those with hearing impairments to understand what’s happening without requiring sound.

However, captions and transcripts are still valuable for those without disabilities. Even if a person doesn’t have a disability that makes learning from an audio or video file difficult, they may prefer having access to the written text, as it can make it easier to follow along with the content. Providing this resource helps more people have what they need to succeed.

Today, there’s a huge amount of competition online. It can be hard for content to be seen with so much out there. This means that videos need to be searchable as well to benefit anyone. If people can’t find the videos, they won’t serve their intended purpose. Making videos searchable should always be a priority so that the right people know where to find them.

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