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May 21, 2020

How is Market Research Beneficial for Startups?

New businesses are created all the time. Of course, starting a new business isn’t easy, so they need all the help and resources they can get. If you have recently started your own business or have an idea for one, you might be wondering if there’s anything you can do to prevent some of the issues that startups commonly face. There are many steps a startup can take in its early days to have the best chance of success, and one that shouldn’t go ignored is performing market research.

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What is Market Research?

Companies use market research to understand their target markets better and is often done before launching a new product and service. Because of this, it’s ideal to do market research when a business is first getting started. Various research methods are used during this process, such as interviews and focus groups, as well as secondary research, such as examining existing news articles and reviews.

Benefits of Market Research for Startups

Seeing What Your Audience Needs

Entrepreneurs may think they have a solid understanding of their audience’s wants and needs, but this isn’t always true if they haven’t done enough research. The last thing a startup would want is to launch their business only to learn that the demand for what they offer is very small. Not only can you see if your current offerings will have a market, but you can find new opportunities you didn’t originally know about. You may see that consumers are looking for something similar to what you offer that your business can provide.

Startups Can Determine Accurate Prices

One challenge that many new businesses face is how to set the right prices for their products and services. Pricing these too high because you believe they have a greater value than they actually have can result in fewer customers and clients if similar businesses are more affordable.

However, underpricing can lead to your startup not bringing in enough revenue or driving away customers if it seems like your prices reflect a lower value. Studying your target market will help you learn more about what they’re willing to pay for what you offer, so you can make informed decisions regarding pricing more confidently.

You Can Learn More About the Competition

Market research isn’t only for learning about your target market; it can also uncover important information about your competitors. What are your competitors doing that you aren’t, or what do they lack that you can provide instead? Some industries can be extremely competitive, and if there are many businesses like yours all going after the same target market, you need to know what you’re up against. Regardless of how many competitors you have and what size they are, as a startup, you want to know what you can do to position yourself ahead of competitors.

Market Research is Vital for Marketing

One of the most obvious benefits of learning about your target market through research is learning how to market to them going forward. Marketing is essential for your startup, especially as you’re just getting started and trying to attract an audience. Once you begin marketing for your startup, you want to ensure that you’re making choices that will appeal to the right people. With market research, you can obtain information that helps you do this.

How Focus Forward Can Help Your Market Research

At Focus Forward, we understand how important performing market research is for businesses, both new and established. We also know that there can sometimes be challenges that make market research difficult or less effective. This is why we work hard to help provide services that can make it easy. From finding the right participants for your study through qualitative recruitment to assisting with incentive processing, we can give you the support you need.

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