March 16, 2023

How Human Transcription Benefits Many Industries

When it comes to transcribing spoken words into written content, the market currently offers two options: human and automated transcription services. There are many reasons to convert audio or video recordings using automated transcription, but some industries rely on real people to accurately understand complex information and transcribe technical terminology. While computers have made great strides in terms of cost and efficiency, they often cannot replace the high level of skill human transcribers bring to the job. Several industries rely on detailed accuracy and the ability of the transcriber to understand language variations. Let’s take a look at some of those industries, and why human transcription is the better choice.


Detailed voice dictation by physicians and other medical professionals can literally mean life or death if not transcribed accurately. Patients rely on precise notes from their medical professionals. Accurate medical records are a key factor of a successful diagnosis when referring patients between doctors. Choosing human transcription services in this industry increases the likelihood that complex medical terminology and abbreviations will not be lost in translation by computers. Human transcribers are far better equipped to accurately transcribe patient medical records and to follow HIPPA laws.


Evidence, testimonies, pleadings, and depositions all involve complex language and terminology that must be accurately transcribed into legal records. Some larger legal cases can involve hours of wiretap conversations that must be accurately transcribed. Human transcribers can separate background noises and identify primary targets during wiretap conversations, but computers cannot. Errors during any legal phase can create unwanted results. A human transcriber with an understanding of legal terminology and sound judgement is highly valued during any legal proceeding.

Higher Education

Professors and other educators within the higher education industry often need their lectures, discussions, and presentations transcribed for further student use. Topics are far-ranging and complex. They contain theoretical ideas, difficult concepts, and specialized terms. Human transcribers can separate classroom voices, and accurately convey the educator’s messages so a permanent record can be created.

Market Research

Valuable insight is gained by organizations from accurate transcription of interviews, focus groups, and survey results. Human transcribers can understand and separate various speakers in groups, listen through background noise, and decipher slang terms in ways computers cannot. By doing this, they provide critical data that drives superior market research results.

Public Relations and Media

The media industry relies heavily on human transcription to accurately take note of press conferences, calls, interviews, and various public events involving participants from many backgrounds and cultures. Offering transcription of live events increases engagement to audiences. The human transcriber must discern different dialects and accents for clients such as newspapers, movie studios, documentary producers, television companies, and other media outlets.

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