mobile research
September 22, 2021

Benefits of Mobile Market Research for Respondents

This changing time has encouraged all industries to adapt to a new type of normal, and, as we have discussed in the past, market research is no different. Over the last year, researchers adapted and embraced new ways to learn what potential customers were doing and how.

According to Statistica, the number of smartphone subscriptions worldwide today has risen above six billion and is anticipated to grow by an additional several hundred million in the next few years. From this realization came the new shift to mobile market research.

Mobile market research is a method of data collection which uses functions of mobile/smartphones and other similar devices. Fortunately for respondents, it makes providing insight much easier in several ways:

Benefits of Participating in Mobile Research

  • The ability for respondents to submit their answers at the time most convenient to them, without needing to adhere to previously restricted time frames.
  • The means for respondents to provide their input from various locations without the hindrance of travel.
  • A level of comfort and ease in being able to submit research through a familiar and frequently used device.
  • The ability to submit answers at any time allows for a shortened time period between submission and receiving the incentive, as compared to standard data collection methods.

With mobile market research on the rise, it takes a special company to set themselves apart by coupling this digital tactic with a customized approach for each company. Fortunately, we have a team that loves to add that personal touch to all they do.

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