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May 5, 2021

5 Reasons Busy Law Firms Need Legal Transcription

Whether you are taking on corporate giants by fighting for the everyday man and woman, or are fighting for the rights of victims, your law firm is busy. And, in this day and age, any opportunity you have to speed up efficiency or minimize cost is a no-brainer. Legal transcription can help with just that. From transcripts of interviews to hearings and depositions, when you outsource your legal transcription services, you can keep cases coming in, without jeopardizing confidentiality or cost. Team FFTranscription shares their 5 reasons why busy law firms need legal transcription services.

1. Your Case Information is Confidential and Secure

Our transcription team and staff take the privacy of our clients very seriously. We have strict internal non-disclosure clauses and are happy to sign client-specific contracts, as requested. At FFTranscription, we also provide a password-protected file transfer system that allows you to upload your audio or video for transcription safely and with ease.

In addition, our transcriptionists are required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement prior to working for us, which is kept on file. Once a transcript has been completed and submitted, it is completely deleted from the transcriptionist’s computer. This is a legally binding agreement between FFTranscription and each individual transcriptionist. You can learn more about our safety and confidentiality policies here.

2. Manage Your Files With Ease with Transcription API

Simple to set up, triple secure, and guaranteed accuracy, our API clients enjoy the highest service level. Our API corporate solutions support your budget and timeline while also providing a quick and simple process to integrate your application with ours.

Integrate with our API to avoid manual upload of files. Audio comes directly to us with the click of a button, and transcripts are returned just as seamlessly. We provide to you the unique URL, your files are stored in a client-specific location, and you provide us an endpoint to share the final transcript.

Your files, all in one place.

3. Save Money By Outsourcing

Considering hiring an in-house legal transcriber? There’s a huge cost associated with bringing on another full-time employee. From wages to benefits, and everything in between, that money really adds up.

But outsourcing cuts down on cost. From transcription to translation, editing to data entry, and even preparing presentations, you’ll have your files back to you quickly and with a price tag that doesn’t hurt your bottom line, allowing you to tackle the cases your law firm needs to thrive.

4. Choose The Format For Your Needs

At FFTranscription, we know every project is different, which is why we offer six formats with completely customizable options, to create the perfect solution for your transcription project.

From summary to direct quotes, your needs may vary depending on the type of audio you provide. We can help you determine what format fits your needs in a timely fashion.

5. Focus On Clients and We’ll Handle the Transcription

You’re the legal professional and we’re the transcription pros–together we make a great team! While you focus on your client’s needs, we’ll prepare your files for the courtroom. From organizing documents to creating searchable files for your arguments, you need the most accurate and effective human transcription with high touch, quality assured results, in as little as 24 to 48 hours. You need FFTranscription.

Let FFTranscription Handle Your Legal Transcription Needs

FFTranscription’s legal transcription service provides accurate, cost-effective transcripts for a variety of legal needs. Our team of experienced professionals has been serving this market since 2003. From audio tapes to digital recordings to video, we support all arms of the legal industry when speech-to-text needs arise.

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