3 Tips to Recruit Respondents That Are A Great Fit
September 15, 2021

3 Tips to Recruit Respondents That Are A Great Fit

When conducting qualitative market research, it’s a critical component to the success of your project that you have quality respondents. Excellent recruiting to the right specifications, mix for the project, and type of people for the brand is so important. With 18 years of experience, Focus Forward has compiled a list of 3 tips to recruit the best respondents for your next project!

#1. Know Your Client’s Goals.

Let’s circle back to the need for open communication. Both the recruiter and the qualitative researcher need to have a thorough understanding of who the target audience is–and is not. But it’s not enough to know the type of people you need to target, but also what is the study aiming to do? Is it to gain insights across a consumer base? Gather feedback from a particular segment of the market? Depending on how these questions are answered will ultimately determine who the target audience is.

Once the target audience has been clearly defined, the market research recruiting firm (like us!) can find the respondents who are great for the qualitative study.

#2. Make Sure There is Representation.

Having your target audience known to everyone is critical. Also, there is a need to segment the target audience to ensure there is accurate representation across the board. Great representation of the key customer demographics supports the success of the study!

There are quotas in the screener and for virtual research, especially nationwide, there is also the need for a really good mix, which should be known and managed, and might not be in the screener.

#3. Great Screeners.

A good recruiting firm will be able to read your screener and help bring insight into the recruitment, based on the bidding and the launch call! (and, if they can’t… time to call us!) But in essence, the screener works to help your recruiter find the right respondents for your study.

Articulation is important too and a judgment call that good recruiters need to make correctly. Is this person going to actively participate? Are they able to express themselves well? Will they speak up in the project and share openly?

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