10 Most Translated Languages
January 19, 2022

10 Most Translated Languages

Language is a powerful tool–and when you have the ability to connect with people around the globe, it will do wonders for your business, research, product, or brand. Language is what connects us–even if we don’t speak the same one. While we may have barriers to overcome, the use of translation services can help us reach new heights, diverse audiences, and make connections we otherwise would not be able to. But what are the most commonly translated languages? Take a look at the findings by Wordemy.

The Most Commonly Translated Languages

  1. Chinese: Spoken by 197 million people, though the language is commonly called Chinese, it’s made up of dozens of dialects; the most commonly spoken and translated is Mandarin, which has more than 848 million native speakers.
  2. Spanish: Spoken by approximately 399 million individuals, most native Spanish speakers live in Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, and Colombia.
  3. English: Considered the common language spoken by more than 335 million natives, many use English as a first language or the second official language. Most documents are translated into English.
  4. Hindi: Spoken mainly in India and Nepal, there are about 260 million native speakers.
  5. Arabic: Considered a “macrolanguage”–one consisting of many dialects– more than 242 million people are native Arabic speakers, and the language is spoken in more than 60 countries.
  6. Portuguese: Portuguese is spoken by more than 203 million native speakers, most of whom live in Brazil.
  7. Bengali: Widely spoken in Bangladesh, Bengali ranks as the second most spoken language, after Hindu in India, and more than 189 million natives speak it.
  8. Russian: Spoken widely in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Uzbekistan, more than 166 million people speak Russian.
  9. Japanese: Japanese is spoken by more than 128 million native speakers and is ranked as the 9th most spoken language in the universe.
  10. Swahili: Spoken by more than 100 million speakers, Swahili is spoken in East Africa.

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