Our internal team quickly and accurately programs your project on the Decipher platform for the results that you need. We are also happy to offer our partnerships with best in class programmers. Whatever your choose, our team will make sure that your survey moves into the field as quickly as possible using our online sample and partner sample. Your data can be delivered in excel, spss or txt and your team is welcome to access the project while in the field. We manage the programming and the results, so that you don’t have to. All testing is done in house and secure. Faster to field, and rapid results & right to insights, that is our team programming working for you.

What makes your project easier? Programming by Focus Forward.

From survey consulting, to programming to fielding the sample, our team is here to make fielding an easy and seamless process. We internally program your project in Decipher and make sure that your survey is ready to field as quickly as possible. Data delivery is ready when you want it and as much as you need. From videos to coding open ends, our team is here for your team.

Programming by Focus Forward

At Focus Forward, we know what makes project management easy:

  • Screener consulting to figure out the paths that lead to a complete
  • Updates from your project management team, including questions when unexpected results arrive
  • Great testing before the project is in field
  • Soft launches to ensure a smooth delivery ones full fielding starts
  • When sample is used, quota management so that the quotas fill according to expectations
  • Fast and accurate survey programming by the best project management team ensures your client’s results and helps you gain the insights that drive choices.