Andrew Le Guelaff

Chief Operating Officer

Andrew has over 25 years of experience as the leader of highly successful global transformation initiatives and executer of complex technology roadmaps that shape the future of the financial services industry.  He has partnered with global strategy teams to create high-impact growth opportunities and address dynamic business challenges.

He has spent the last 10-years driving expansion of Citigroup’s Payments and Receivable technology footprint through Latin America, relocating for several years to facilitate driving Transformation in Mexico. In addition, Andrew has been instrumental in enabling of multiple Instant Payment implementations that have shaped the commerce landscape of multiple countries.

Earlier in Andrew’s career, he led numerous Technology Transformations globally, focused on the implementation of storage and enterprise cloud systems. During a multi-year assignment in Sydney, he directly managed the client relationship of Australia’s largest banks.

Late 2022 Andrew joined Focus Forward as COO at an exciting time, to transform the business and bring innovation to the firm. He will bring his years of management, operational and technological experience to propel Focus Forward to a new level of client engagement and services. Andrew enjoys traveling and spending time with his wife and two young daughters, as well as constantly learning and adapting to new challenges. Andrew is always excited and available to mentor, as well as elevate teams and talent.