Our Services

Our Services

With a full-service research service team, we can guide you through nationwide recruitment and transcription to incentive processing, and coding for your quantitative or qualitative research.

  • Nationwide Recruiting

    Our diverse pool of respondents is perfect for all forms of qualitative research–from nationwide bulletin boards, TDIs, product tests, online focus groups, and ethnographies. We can also assist in your in-person focus groups at any location with extra recruitment resources.

  • Transcription Services

    Our transcription services are accurate and cost-effective with a fast turn-around for your industry. We utilize human transcriptionists to ensure that your project is accurate and secure.

  • Incentive Processing

    Incentives are a large part of the market research process. We can handle checks, gift cards, gifts to charity, and sweepstakes programs or points for your incentive process. Whatever rewards structure your client has in mind, we have a solution to fit your project.

  • Coding Services

    Focus Forward is your premier source for open-ended coding. With years of experience with consumer, business, technology, and medical coding, our team will provide insightful and detail oriented coding you can only get from manual verbatim coding.

  • Online Sample

    Panelists need to know that their input is valued. That’s why our online sample services are not only beneficial to our clients and partners, but are great for respondents, too. We have higher response rates, more engaged respondents, and accurate targeting via profile builders all at highly competitive rates.

  • Translation Services

    We utilize the best professional translators and linguists from around the world, with over 100 supported languages. Our team has decades of translation experience combined with industry-specific expertise including marketing, media, technology, business, medical, and legal.

  • Client List Send

    Client relationships matter. Our team will deliver invitations that are on-point with your needs. In addition, we will ensure the right clients receive the messages they need, making sure you’re getting the highest response rate. We also supply data on interactions, opt-outs, and open rates, helping create the most effective management strategy.

  • Product Tests

    When your team needs qualitative or quantitative data from real consumers, Focus Forward has just what you need. We can help in your product test study, giving you data on consumer usage, preferences, and reactions to products before they hit the market. It doesn’t matter if it’s a program or a tangible product–we can help you through it all.

  • Programming

    We employ best-in-class survey technology providers to supply comprehensive online and mobile survey programming services. Your survey will be optimized for mobile and desktop devices to ensure the best user experience. In addition, you will receive the highest quality data collection from your project.