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Call us crazy, but we like to put extra emphasis on the “service” part.

Panel Direct Panel Management

A qualitative approach to a quantitative panel

When Panel Direct began offering online sample in 2003, we started with our nationwide database that we built for qualitative research. Our database kept growing and we double opted in these respondents to create the first quantitative panel recruited exclusively through qualitative methods.

Panel Management

Panel burnout is an industry problem that we take very seriously. We realize there is a person at the end of every email invitation, and we value both their time and desire to participate in research. We limit the number of invitations that any panelist receives so they view every invitation as a real opportunity.

Validation & Verification

Panel Direct takes confirmation of identity seriously and has multiple procedures to detect and remove fraudulent respondents at the time of registration. These include the use of backend algorithms to check panel members’ mailing addresses that are verified against USPS records, detection of previously registered email addresses, examination of GeoIP addresses, detection of proxy servers, survey time testing, use of unique survey links on every survey, and validation of all panelist’s physical addresses against 3rd party databases to ensure fresh, authentic panel members.

Panel Cleaning

Our panel is regularly cleaned, and inactive panelists are continuously purged. This ensures you receive only highly responsive, engaged participants for your research studies. Panelists are regularly purged for inactivity, opt-out requests, hard and soft email bounces as well as undesirable survey activity.

So yeah, we’re a little different than the other panels… and our clients reap the benefits! Higher response rates, more engaged respondents, and more accurate targeting through profile builders all combine to make us the highest quality online panel provider- at highly competitive rates. Interested in learning more about Panel Direct?
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Our Difference

A quantitative panel built from qualitative methods
Consumers and business professionals join our panel, Survey Squad, to be part of research and to engage in a real connection with the researcher. Along with individual online surveys, our panel is ideal for projects whether the time commitment is days or months, or where a multi-phase project is critical to the research objectives.

The real intrinsic value in a qualitative panel is for the deeper thoughtful insights that come from a community or an IHUT with multiple touch points. Our panel is here to be part of the full engagement of the entire research project.

Client List Management

When your client wants to speak with their current clients and customers, it takes a high touch management approach to make sure the integrity of that relationship is respected, while gaining valuable insights.

Our team will deliver an internally composed invitation, approved by you, or copy that comes from your team. We meticulously check and double check that the invites are on-point, the right clients on the list are emailed and that those who opt out or who have previously participated are not asked to engage again. We understand the highest of value of these interactions – your client with their clients. Our specialized management team becomes part of your team as we work to gain the maximum level of participation from the list. Lastly, data on open rates and opt outs is always immediately available, as well as overall incidence on your client list.


We partner with the best-in-class survey technology providers to supply comprehensive online and mobile survey programming services.

Our team optimizes and tests survey layouts for web and mobile devices to ensure a seamless experience. After consulting on your project, our team will select the best fit from our team of programming providers to deliver the highest quality in data collection and delivery.


We offer several incentive solutions to fit your project’s individual needs.

Your project can be part of our points program. Reduce cost by allowing the panelist to earn points which can be converted into rewards. Even if the panelist doesn’t qualify for your study, we absorb the cost and, unlike other panel providers, we also compensate when a panelist attempts a survey but fits into a segment in which the target number of responses has been reached. We firmly believe that everyone who wants to participate should be rewarded, ensuring panel retention and rapid responses for your project.

If your project has an individual incentive, we offer incentive fulfillment as well. A check, gift card, or emailed reward is available for all projects where the rewards go beyond points, to truly value the time of the panelist.