Online Research A Virtual Respondent World
February 1, 2022

Online Research A Virtual Respondent World

2020 and 2021 were years of evolution in more ways than one. Facing adversity, many industries have adapted their strategies to stay active and continue to grow their business in the new normal. At Focus Forward, we’ve noticed the ways that our clients and partners have adapted to meet their goals, too, specifically the changes in the market research and focus group sector–adapting to digital platforms while still utilizing in-person focus group formats where possible.

Thinking about your future research projects, whether you select traditional in-person focus groups, online research, or both, the methodology has benefits and limitations. Methodology is a critical decision to make the appropriate choice for your research.

1. Flexibility for participants.

As the research project is virtual, participants will have more flexibility. Respondents from San Diego can be in the same group as those from Philadelphia. Online crosses time zones and even countries, if needed.

2. Urban, Suburban & Rural, all in one.

Location and transportation are not issues when the focus group is online. Instead of being limited to the size of the venue, with online focus groups you can have as many participants as deemed necessary from anywhere that the brand feels is their target market.

3. On the go.

Many participants will likely have jobs, schools, and families to care for during this challenging time, which stretch them a bit further. By utilizing platforms that are available in mobile and desktop formats, participants can be part of the study wherever they are, and the time commitment is really just the 90 minutes of the actual group.

4. Probable cost savings.

Technology costs can be higher or lower, depending on the platform, but it is likely the project will save on cost. In addition to the cost of travel, it is a bit lower cost to recruit the respondents, and incentives tend to be a tiny bit lighter.

When you are ready for in-person or prefer online, the choice is up to you, & we are here to help!

No matter the format you choose, having a team behind you to recruit quality, engaged participants, pay incentives, and transcribe your research to gain insights faster is critical to successful research.  Focus Forward provides the highest quality nationwide qualitative and quantitative recruitment for marketing research studies, as well as transcription, coding, incentive processing, and translation services. Connect with us today to get started!