Ever notice how much better things are when they are doubled? Double scoop. Double jackpot. Double screened. Double confirmed.

Market Research Recruitment

We recruit respondents for all types of qualitative marketing research. Our strength is nationwide bulletin boards, TDIs, product tests, online focus groups, ethnographies, and all types of projects where a nationwide reach is critical to the right demographic balance for your research. We are also here for your in person focus groups at any location, and supporting a focus group facility with extra recruitment resources.

Growing daily, our national qualitative database is exceptionally diverse and meticulously maintained. We target the most appropriate potential respondents to be phone screened by our highly trained recruiting professionals. We also reach the right respondents though a social media, networking, and calling.

  • Consumer Recruitment

    Consumer Recruitment

    We constantly refresh and expand our consumer database by soliciting respondent referrals, collecting profiles at events, advertising, and through a variety of ongoing outreach programs. Our diverse consumer recruitment staff facilitates communication with any demographic group that your research may require.

  • Business Recruitment

    Business Recruitment

    Our network of prospective business respondents has been expertly developed based on longstanding connections with top level executives in the business community. We call executives at the best possible times, leave effective voicemail messages, and have developed innovative outreach methods for situations when telephone outreach proves ineffective.

  • Medical Recruitment

    Medical Recruitment

    Focus Forward’s Medical Nationwide Recruiting offers you access to over 250,000 medical professionals. In addition, we offer one of the most robust patient panels with over 100,000 possible respondents in our database. We target 100+ ailments though our proprietary medical profile builder, giving our clients access to the most complete nationwide resource of both medical professionals and patients for qualitative research.

Traditional & Telephone Interviews

Phone Interviews and In-Person Focus Groups are the leading solutions to gain insights to meet your research objectives. Our time-tested recruitment for traditional focus groups and telephone interviews has spanned over a decade encompassing consumer, B2B, and medical projects. Starting with the proposal, our team is all in, offering a consultative approach to the recruitment of your project.

From our database, to social networking, to client lists, to purchased lists, our phone room will select engaged and qualified respondents for a successful interview. Your team sets the quotas, and we carefully manage them to ensure the success of your project.

For all of your in-person research and nationwide TDIs, we are committed to engaging the right respondents for your project to ensure the highest quality results.

Online Qualitative

Perfecting online focus groups and bulletin boards for over a decade, we are the experts in this methodology. Crossing all possible demographic and geographic boundaries, Focus Forward’s recruitment for online focus groups or bulletin boards may be exactly what is required to take your research to the next level.

  • Online Focus Groups

    Online focus groups offer real time chat rooms directed by a moderator on a collaborative software tool. They invite honest, immediate, initial reactions from the group and remove the “group think” influence by having all participants’ type at the same time.

  • Bulletin Boards

    Bulletin boards are discussions that engage the respondent over a period of time. Participation can be once a day, twice a day, once a week, once a month – whatever involvement level the project requires. Respondents can participate at their convenience within a designated time frame, which transcends time zone and geographic limitations. Bulletin boards build trust and delve into insights in a way that many traditional focus groups just can’t achieve in the span of 2 hours.

Medical Professionals & Patients

Physicians, Dentists, Medical Professionals & Patients
Our long standing reputation for high quality project management and exceptional recruiting is also here to support your physician & patient recruitment for qualitative research. Our specialized medical team will consult on screeners, create your grids, and get updates in your hands daily. In addition, for your physician TDIS with your moderator and for all types of patient research, our team employs time-tested techniques that maximize participation and fully engage the respondents.

We work from our database or your client list with list matching on request. If you would like a database recruit, Focus Forward’s Medical Nationwide Recruiting offers you access to 250,000+ medical professionals, including all physician specialties along with over 70,000 nurses, 100,000 dentists, 25,000 pharmacists and 30,000 veterinarians.

Taking your project from screener consulting through recruitment to incentive management and transcription, our team is all in for your project!

Mock Juries

Focus Forward’s mock jury recruitment services are unparalleled. Before we even begin to recruit your jury, we conduct our pre-research preparation process, which includes screening potential jurors on a variety of demographic and psychological factors.

Our recruiting process is designed to deliver the best possible jury, meeting your exact specifications. Whether the project requires 12 mock jurors, or 1200, we are committed to working with you to maximize success for your client. With an internal team specializing in mock jury recruitment, we have a multi-step process that ensures the highest quality standards for your jury.

Our possible jurors come from a pool that is prescreened on the demographic requirements, including county, city, and state. Moreover, all potential jurors are screened twice by two different team members to ensure that each selected juror meets client specifications. Finally, at the location of the jury, all of our mock jurors are required to provide a state-issued identification to ensure the highest integrity of the mock trial.

For over a decade, we have delivered exceptional results for Federal, State and Local jurisdictions in:

  • Civil Defense & Prosecution
  • Criminal Defense & Prosecution
  • Commercial Litigation

In addition to recruiting, our services extend to your whole project. Engage us to be helpful with:

  • Screener Writing
  • Transcription
  • Site Selection/Booking
  • On-Site Host/Hostess
  • Incentive processing

Ethnographic, Shop Along, & Usage Tests

Our team is experienced in all types of ethnographic studies: in-home, in-office, shopping trips, or any type of unique location for the right immersion. We understand that a successful study starts with respondents who are enthusiastic and able to contribute thoughtful insights to your project. Recruitment of the main respondent, as well as colleagues and friends are often critical to the project. Focus Forward ensures all respondents are thoroughly screened and quotas are managed to guarantee the maximum possible value to your research.

As these projects typically have many moving parts, your dedicated project management team goes further than just recruitment. Homework fulfillment, usage product shipments, and immersion packets are seamlessly handled by our team.

Our nationwide database makes us the perfect fit for immersion studies in one market or several markets.