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Marketing Research

With six formats and completely customizable options, we have the perfect solution for your transcription project.

Market research transcription is an important part of a research study. Let Focus Forward make your transcription an easy process. Working from our format or yours, we deliver your transcripts as they are complete with easy to read designations of moderator and respondents. Since we pioneered transcripts ordered at a focus group facility, we know research and how transcripts support your goals the best. From cost effective notes to key word searchable Enhanced transcripts, our team delivers your files on time, accurately, and in the right format of a focus group.

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Types of Marketing
Research Transcription

  • Interview Transcription

    Interview Transcription

    Interviews are transcribed and ready right when you need them for your project. Interview transcription is great for podcasts, sales calls, TV interviews, and any type of conversation that involves a conversation between two or more people. Our services can handle any project that needs to be typed for maximum usability.

  • Triad Transcription

    Triad Transcription

    Transcribe triads and follow the conversion for the best impact of the conversation. Our fast, turn-around transcription of triads is always ready on time and with speaker identification and timestamping. You need it for your project. Triad transcription is ideal to make sure that all communication is valued and not lost for your project.

  • Ethnography Transcription

    Ethnography Transcription

    Transcription of an ethnographic interview provides the exact text for you to read or use in your report. A lot can happen during the interview and notes may not be all you need. At FFT, our transcripts are ready when you need them, so the ethnographic interview transcript can supply all the insights that you need for your project.

  • Focus Group Transcription

    Focus Group Transcription

    Marketing research focus group transcripts help support the research objectives and provide the exact text of the respondent and the moderator. Whether you’re writing the report or just need an easy to use transcript of the group and what was shared, our team will have transcripts ready for you in your format or you can select one of ours.

  • Phone Interview Transcription

    Phone Interview Transcription

    Phone interview transcription is the most popular type of transcription, encompassing a wide range of types which may include sales calls, business meetings, news interviews, legal calls, podcast interviews, and more. Transcribe your phone interview for a word for word account to support your personal life or business.

  • Shop Along Transcription

    Shop Along Transcription

    Transcribe your shop along and keep the conversation going in the store without concern for taking notes. A word for word account of your shop along is what you will receive when you decide to transcribe the conversation. Our team will make sure that transcripts are ready when you need them, in the format that you prefer, for your shop along.

  • Focus Group Facility Transcription

    Focus Group Facility Transcription

    Focus groups that happen in a facility often provide the maximum benefit when they are transcribed. Easy to read transcription of the moderator and respondents helps you both find and support your research insights. No matter your time needs, our easy upload option ensures your transcripts are ready when you need them.

  • IVR Transcription

    Here at FF Transcription, we transcribe interactive voice response (IVR) communication between your system and the users of your system. Transcripts of the interaction are ready when you need them, on an individual or bulk basis. Transcribe your IVR communication and get the best value and understanding from your systems.

Interview and Focus Group Transcription

From individual interviews to focus group transcripts, Focus Forward’s team is the expert in market research transcription. Our format or yours, you can select the way you view your transcripts to best support your research. Formats like Edited Summarized and Excel Smart Transcripts are designed specifically for researchers, providing easy to analyze transcripts for your next presentation or report.

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Facilities &
Audio Delivery

Feel free to send audio from your facility, your own file transfer platform or third party site, or upload your files to our free, HIPAA compliant, and password protected SFTP site. We can even retrieve the audio for you! As we are partnered with hundreds of market research facilities, we may already have a working relationship with your contact. Ask your facility if they use Focus Forward Transcription or let us coordinate with your facility to make transcription simple.

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