Client List Send

Management isn’t just for the front end of the project–you need it every step of the way. When you are working with clients who need to communicate with their current clients and customers, there must be a high-level management approach to ensure that the integrity of the relationship is respected–all while gaining valuable insights from each interaction.

How Our Client
List Management Works

At Focus Forward, our team will deliver an internally composed invitation. We can create the message for you with approval or utilize copy that comes directly from your team. From there, we will meticulously check and double-check that the invites are on-point, the right clients on the list are emailed, and that those who opt-out or who have previously participated are not asked to engage again.

We understand the highest value of these interactions which is why our specialized management team becomes part of your team as we work to gain the maximum level of participation from the list.

Lastly, data on open rates and opt-outs are always immediately available, as well as overall incidence on your client list.

How Our Client List Management Works

What We Handle

No matter the content management system you utilize, we can help you manage contacts for clients, clean up data to improve effectiveness and efficiency, and ensure your clients are satisfied with your services.

We can help with custom messages tailored to your client’s needs. In addition, we will:

  • Incorporate supplementary data fields in your mailing list such as industry, job title, interests, social media profiles, etc. to get the most out of your data;
  • Report and evaluate performance with response tracking; and
  • Maintain the database by managing opt-outs, invalid IDs, bounce back emails, unsubscribe requests, etc. to ensure your list is only filled with those who wish to be there.

People respond to offers that correspond to their direct requirements. We’ll do the research and utilize your own data to ensure you get the most out of your client lists.

Relationships matter. Our list management team can help you cultivate and capitalize on yours.