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People say amazing things,
and we capture it all in captions!

Since 2003, FF Transcription has been an established market leader in the transcription industry. In addition to captioning for the hearing impaired, our team captions in every way that captions are used, including video on a phone, corporate training videos, athletic equipment at the gym, and many more every day uses. A critical service for YouTube videos to breaking news, captions allow you to keep the volume off while you still stay informed. Our team delivers the highest accuracy captions by our US transcription team.

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  • Easy to Follow Captions

    Easy to Follow Captions

    Captions created by people. For your project, all human transcription means that every caption is typed, double-checked for accuracy, and perfectly synced to the video. You can count on us to get it right every time.

  • In-House Captioning

    In-House Captioning

    All of our projects are done in-house at FF Transcription. We never outsource our transcription or closed captioning services. With hundreds of US transcribers and a strong project management and QA team, your captioning is fast, accurate, and in your hands before the deadline.

  • Standard or Customized Captions

    Standard or Customized Captions

    With nearly two decades of experience providing high quality transcription services, we have seen it all. As experts in both basic accurate captions and files customized to the most exacting stylistic specifications, our team is your team, and excels at delivering consistent outstanding results.

  • Compliant Captions

    Compliant Captions

    Here at FF Transcription, we comply with all regulations from the FCC and meet the requirements of the ADA as well. This ensures your video will meet or exceed the standards that are set by these agencies.

Costs For Caption Services

Caption + Transcription $4.95 per min
Embedded Captions $4.95 per min
Embedded + Transcription $5.95 per min

Rates are for 72 business hour turn around.
Expedited and weekend delivery has a $2.50 per minute additional fee.
Same day rush is $5.00 per minute additional fee and must be received by noon eastern time for delivery before 8 pm eastern.

We are here to help! Upload your project at any time.

Our Business Hours are until 6pm EST. Any file uploaded past 6pm will roll into the next Business Day. Files sent on a Friday that require weekend delivery are considered Expedited. Files received after 6 PM on Friday will be started on Monday at 9 AM, unless Expedited or Same Day Rush is needed. If the audio is hard to hear, distorted, or there are heavy foreign accents we add $1.00 per minute.

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We Provide Every Closed Captioning or
Subtitle File Format Available Including:

  • For the Web: YouTube, Vimeo, iTunes, and Netflix captioning

  • DVD/Blu-Ray Files (.SCC, .SRT .XML, .TXT)

  • On-Air TV (Standard Definition & HD Video)

  • QuickTime HD .MOV with Embedded Captions

  • Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, and AVID caption files

  • Windows Media Player
    SAMI (.SMI)

  • Other files types: Cheetah
    .CAP, .MCC, .DFXP, .XML
    and Timed Text

  • Subtitle files such as .SRT, .Spruce .STL, WebVTT, and Adobe Encore .TXT