Dipti Vasani

Associate Project Manager dvasani@focusfwd.com

Dipti joined Focus Forward in 2018 as a recruiter and has worked her way up the ladder to associate project manager. Dipti brings a myriad of skills to the firm. Prior to joining Focus Forward Dipti held different roles in areas of Human Resources such as recruiter, business partner, training and development and employee engagement. She was also a professor at a Business Management School in her native country, India, where she served briefly as a Department Head; an experience that gave her great exposure on how to manage a small organization.

Dipti continues to follow her passion of teaching by volunteering at a Non-Profit Organization on the weekends. During her free time, she enjoys hiking and biking with family, loves listening to music and engaging in artistic activities.  Some words of wisdom Dipti lives by: “Preach what you Teach”, “The word impossible itself says I’M POSSIBLE”