Transcribing Applicant Portal

Transcribing Applicant Portal

Transcribing Applicant Portal

 Transcribing Applicant Portal

Independent Contracting of Transcription Services

Thank you for your interest in transcribing for Focus Forward as an Independent Contractor!

Please review the information below, as this contains important information regarding our transcribing processes and procedures. All independent transcribers are required to complete and submit a short transcription test with your application.

You should be a reasonably fast typist, e.g. minimum 50 words per minute, and previous transcription experience is preferred. If you are not, you will find transcribing to be very frustrating and time consuming. Your speed will increase with experience and on average a 15 minute file takes about an hour to transcribe.

All applicants must have a computer with a high speed Internet connection and Microsoft Word. You are responsible for maintaining your computer. We do not provide reimbursement for work lost due to computer problems. You are not required to have or purchase any equipment, though a foot pedal will make transcribing a considerably easier process. Information on foot pedals is available here:

As an Independent Contractor, you choose the days per week and hours of the day you work, but you must meet the deadline specified in each project assignment email. We provide you with an online scheduling tool to alert us of your availability, and it is your responsibility to update this schedule. We do require that you commit to the transcription of a minimum of 4 hours per week of audio.

You must have sufficient self-discipline to work from home and meet deadlines. If you are unable to meet our deadlines, your services will no longer be utilized.

The independent contractor’s range of pay is $0.40 to $0.65 per audio minute.

Once you have reviewed all of this info, please click the link located at the bottom of the page to proceed to the test.

WARNING: We are aware that there are some work-from-home online opportunities where applicants are asked to pay a sum of money up front to apply, or to obtain more information about the job. Focus Forward is not one of these companies; we are a legitimate business and we never at any point require applicants to pay money to us. If you’d like more information about Focus Forward, visit our website at

How To Apply

  2. Download & Review: SAMPLE TYPED FILE
  4. Once you have downloaded and reviewed ALL of the above documents, please CLICK HERE to proceed to the test.

For questions on this position, email We appreciate your interest and do our best to respond as quickly as possible. Please expect a response within 2 weeks. Due to the large volume of applications received, we are unable to accept phone calls on this position or provide specific feedback to those whose services we are unable to utilize.

Applicant Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take taxes out or am I responsible for this?
We do not take taxes out. As an independent contractor (1099) you are responsible for reporting your earned income. If you are paid $600 or more in a given year, we will send a 1099 form the following year by January 31st at the latest.
I saw your ad and I am interested in applying.

Prior to contracting for your services, we do need you to complete a test transcription file. This file is about 10 minutes long and you will not be compensated for this test file. This file must be completed using Microsoft Word.  Please click on the link below to access all the information you need to prepare for and take this test: How to Apply

How do you pay your transcribers?
Independent contracts receive payment bi-monthly in the middle and end of each month. You have the option of receiving a physical check in the mail or direct deposit. We are not able to pay contractors through PayPal.
What is the average workload?
The average workload varies greatly, mainly depending on the transcriber’s availability and our workload. We work around your schedule, though transcribers with frequent availability for longer files generally receive more work. We ask that you are available to transcribe at least 4 hours of sound per week, though this is not a guarantee of work. You may receive less or more in a given week. As far as our workload, typically we are busier at the end of each month and as the year progresses.
Where do I submit my test?

Once you’ve completed the Word document test, upload this on our website:

Where can I submit my resume?
Thank you for your interest, we do not accept resumes for this contracting position, you can however visit our website to apply:
What type of transcription does your firm handle?
We handle all types of transcription! As most of our work is from market research interviews, the topics vary and include medical, business and consumer.
How long is each assignment?
On average, our assignments vary from 30-120 minutes in length.
I submitted my test, when will I received a response?
Thank you for your interest!  Our standard response time is normally 2 weeks, however, it is subject to the number of responses we receive and our workload.  Once your test has been reviewed you will be notified promptly via email.
If my test is successful, what happens next?
If you are successful, you will become an “independent contractor” for Focus Forward, and you will be emailed a welcome packet with all necessary documents to get started.

Additional Income Opportunity

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  1. Create a personal profile
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